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About Us


   Eagle Grip Coating Systems-Paint Corp. formally known as Quality One, has been in business for over 20 years. We have been apart of the Tips/Taps program going on 2 years now. This summer we applied our very durable coatings to over 10 schools including Elementary, HS and even colleges.


   The Epoxy coatings that we apply are replacing tile and other floor surfacing due to the fact it is so durable and the top coat we use will not absorb smell so in turn makes it perfect for restrooms. Also we have many options for coatings to fit all needs. Another advantage to our coating is that we are in and out as little as 3 days and little to no repairs are required, we just coat over existing tile or other surfaces.



   Eagle Grip Coating Systems offers coating systems that are virtually odor free, environmentally friendly, and VOC compliant.  By offering both decorative and high performance systems, we can meet the most demanding specifications with attractive and durable coatings that are customized to meet the demands of each environment by using quartz, flake and colors.


   Special requirements such as moisture vapor control, ESD flooring, extreme chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, USDA approved applications, and hygienic coatings are all met with Quality One coating systems utilizing technology from the leading manufacturers in the industry.

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